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Something I can Hope for

Ok I actualy got up early for once! Mabey cause I went to bed at 1 instead of 2?

Anywho its been awhile since m last post so im sitting here getting my breakfast of leftovers from the previous nights. Listening to Pink Floyd- "Stairway to Heaven" gooooood song. Hmmm what else yesterday I was depressed a bit who isnt so no detail cause im not gonna be a whiney bitch fur, like a large proportion of the fandom. Got my mad TV DVD a few days ago! YAY I love that show so much too bad I can onlY get four or so episodes in a night, oh well dont want to out laugh myself.

Now dont get angry and scared but my Urkel Doll
came in the mail yesterday that brings my collection up to Three! (2)
My roomies are all freaking out over them, dont know why Urkels so funny. Ok Godsmack- "Vodoo" now.

For those who still didnt hear of the rumors yet, the furry house is up and moving in will commense the 10th of December, theres about two of the six rooms left, talk to furrymouse or Donkey if your intrested. The Cure "Love Song". Ok doing some LJ special effects. Shakira- "Underneath your cloths". Piccy wee. The Eagles- "Hotel California".

Hmm what else working, yuck, and trying to chat to my wolf on AIM but whenever I get online hes not! missed him by a few seconds yesterday but I didn get to talk to him on the phone! I wonder when my books comes in the mail I want somehing to read. I do have ONE I can read but Ill get to it...... really I will....

Havnt been the Villians fighting for awhile, Maus will pass me soon! But Mad TV is sooo funny I want to watch it while Im home, well that and other computer stuff in my free time.

Doo dee dooo

Thanksgiving is coming up going to the family to cook and what not so they dont burn down the house.

Hmmm oh games coming up im intrested in. Shining force for the game cube, Kagereo for the PS2! Kingdom Hearts 2. Eddy Grant- "Electric Avenue" not a game but the song im listening to now. Final Fantasy VII (2) forgot the real title, Knight of the Old Republic 2!!!! ME want!!!! and City of Villians (let the madness begin).

gonna rock down to electric avenue
and then well take it higher
hoo! out in the street
out in the street

work soon awooo! so bored bought a Pokemon game for my Gameboy A, the show and most of the franchise is totally gay, and I mean the bad kind that the one that Im closely related to.... but anywho the games are fun, well most are some suck like pikachu tv. VNV Nation- "sorry wolf forgot the songs names but it was on that cd you gave me"

praying for myslef
theses thoughts im trying to hide
praying for me

7 minutes till I have to leave awooo, all for you wolf, all for you.

typy typy, my Cd player wont play anymore CD's *cries* so its only a large radio now.

nothing to deny
nothing to defend
from the hopelessness

Well thats it for now, have a good day

Love you all
Love you wuffie
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