Puppy (dalmatian_fever) wrote,

Tired mutt

Im sleepy and my eyes hurt. Been sleepy this whole week now, grrr. Well good thing is today I only got a 8 hour shift instead of the 12 hour one! woo 4 more hours to sleep.

My wolf got his email back up so we can chit chat again.

God I miss him so much, been dreaming, both night and day dreams of what id love to do when he returns and when hes out of the service. Personal stuff there so none ya bussiness on what id love to do (wuffie you can ask of course)

Christmas is fast approaching, what to get him for it hmm oh and his b day is a few days before it so another gift! awooo of course then theres valentines day gift, which has a double meaning. (Id love to have him back before then)

damn im lonely *cries*
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